Standoff 1 is an excellent analogue of CS: GO, which is nice to play regardless of your skill level. It brings a lot of pleasure due to its balance and high-quality development. If you still haven’t played this amazing online shooter, it’s time to fix it! Here are just some of the advantages Standoff 2 can boast.

First of all, it’s a perfectly balanced gameplay. There are no weapons, equipment or even maps in the game that would give certain players privileges over their rivals. There is even no pay-to-win. Unlike in other games of the kind, you can’t pay to become better than others. No levels, no closed paid weapons. All for free, all equally for everyone. And it’s a comforting thing, because the action is very high-paced. The session is very tense, the battles end 5-10 minutes after the start, and each move can be decisive. This allows you to play Standoff 2 again and again, constantly developing your skills and not losing interest.

The game features amazing graphics. Standoff 2 looks great no matter whether you are playing on your phone or computer. But the most important quality of the visuals are their functionality. There are no annoying highlights, character models are bright and noticeable, all textures are clear and understandable. You will always notice the enemy and won’t confuse them with a barrel or any other object. At the same time, the game doesn’t slow down even on low-end phone models.

Developers have also included a variety of weapons for you to try. All the guns in the game, be it Desert Eagle, AKM, M4 or P90, shoot in their own way. You will have to change your style of play for each weapon, and this condition allows you to feel each match in a new way. Plus, unlike the original CS: GO, the colors of weapons in Standoff 2 are available to absolutely everyone, even if you are unlucky with Luthboxes. Ordinary skins can be turned into rare ones by collecting 10 identical copies. Of course, skins don’t affect the gameplay, but are a nice addition that improves the overall perception of the game.

There are also extensive customization options are available for each game element. Tons of settings allow you to set the game for yourself. The game offers a customizable interface, the ability to change the sensitivity of the sight, different types of movement and aiming. That definitely helps a lot. So you see, Standoff 2 has all chances to become your favorite online shooter on mobile!

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