Standoff 3

Standoff 3 is the most popular analogue of CS: GO for mobile. Why is the game loved by many players? What to expect from it? You have probably heard something about CS: GO or even played it. Well, you can confidently say that Standoff 3 took all the best from CS and interpreted it for mobile devices. Teams of terrorists and the military are also fighting here, and in order to die, one successful enemy line is enough. However, you can do the same by learning some game tricks.

Let’s find out more about its peculiarities. Standoff 2 has the highest tempo of the game. No matter which mode you choose, game sessions will take place as quickly as possible, no more than 10 minutes. This is suitable for owners of smartphones who want to while away some time time while playing on the road or somewhere in the queue. This feature has a positive effect on the sensations of the gameplay. You don’t focus on defeats or victories and just enter a new match. The pace of the game is determined not only by the timer. It is also influenced by shelters and important map positions, high speed of movement and shooting, constant contact with rivals.

The game boasts the presence of 3 main game modes, each of which works like a clock. There is “Team battle”, where the team with the most kills wins, “Laying a bomb,” where terrorists place a bomb and special forces neutralize it, and “Arms race”, where you need to kill opponents from a certain weapon as quickly as possible. This is more than is offered in most other online shooters giving vast opportunities for diverse gameplay.

Another thing Standoff 3 suggests to us is elaborate skins. Skin is the texture of the weapon, its coloring, and they are obtained from the boxes. You can also become the owner of the unique colors of guns, if you constantly play and collect dozens of simple skins, and then create more rare ones. At the same time, your performance doesn’t depend on the amount of money you invest. You can play absolutely free since all the equipment is accessible at once and you can’t upgrade it for cash. There is no pay-to-win condition in Standoff 2. No player has any level or advanced weapons that would give them an advantage. The only thing you can spend real money on in the game is the very skins for weapons. This allows you to just enjoy the action without worrying that you can encounter an opponent who is equipped much better than you. So why don’t you start right now and see all the perks of Standoff 2 with your own eyes?

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