Standoff 2 PC

The development of mobile shooters goes against all the rules and analytics. For several years now everyone has been saying shooters on the smartphone won’t survive and that there is no point in creating such projects, but they continue to improve and only get better. A vivid example of a good game in this genre is Standoff 2. This is a great option to spend time and fight virtual enemies. The developers have tried to implement all the features of the genre using the most modern technologies, so that users can enjoy what is happening and get fully involved in the virtual battles.

The gameplay is presented in a rather interesting form. In fact, it is no different from “big” shooters, which is very nice. For virtual battles, you have three modes – the first one is classic, where a team fights against a team in deathmatch mode. That is, as soon as you die, the character is immediately reborn. The second mode repeats the other classic mode of the bomb installation shooters – one team puts it, and the second one tries to prevent them or demine the explosives. The third mode is analogous to the arms race, when for murder you are upgraded and given different weapons. The one who gets to the knife first and kills the rivals wis. Such a variety of gameplay options definitely won’t let you get bored!

The most important thing is that in Standoff 2 you don’t get anything that would at least somehow influence the gameplay for real money. All weapons are available immediately, they can’t be improved or bought. For real money or game currency, you can only purchase skins to make the weapon look more attractive. This is a great rarity for shooters. Skins look rather nice, they offer you a lot of opportunities for self-realization, but don’t affect the outcome of the battle.

This game is sure to thrill you and bring you a lot of fun – you just have to launch it and dive into the fight! It all depends solely on your reaction, the ability to accurately shoot and move on the map. Most of the audience of the game shoots badly, so if you have a little experience, you will get a serious advantage. And of course you are going to need a good deal of tactical thinking to plan your actions and find the right way out of a harsh situation – and there will be no shortage of them! Given all that, Standoff 2 is undoubtedly worth your attention. Play it online and enjoy the thrill of the battle where it’s either you or your enemy, kill or be killed!

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