Standoff 2 Mobile

What is most important for a good shooter? Adrenaline-packed gameplay, wide range of weapons to select from and plenty of modes to diversify your pastime. Standoff 2 has all that and much more! This is an online PvP game where you need to kill your opponents until there are only you or your team left alive. Two of the three modes available set you and your friends up against a group of enemies either in a free death match or in a high-tension confrontation between the terrorists and the special forces. There is also a type of arms race where it’s your task to find a weapon first and use it to defeat everyone else. The game features all possible kinds of fire arms, including pistols, machine guns, shotguns, AMP and other types that can be obtained from cases. Don’t worry, there are enough cases for everyone! The controls are also very convenient. The view is from the first person perspective, with the aiming cursor in the middle of the screen. At the bottom there are three icons: aiming, shooting and squatting. Enjoy your time playing Standoff 2 mobile online!

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