Standoff 2 – CS GO

If you appreciate the heat of the fight and want to show what you’re worth in a massive battle, welcome to Standoff 2! This fast-paced shooter will keep you on edge every second of the match! There are three modes to try and plenty of weapons to shoot at your enemies. You can team up with your friends and work together to score a joint victory, choose the side of terrorists or special forces in a bomb installation mission or stand up against all other users in a single player deathmatch. The gameplay is rather simple, but it has everything you need to realize your tactical skills. You can walk, run and squat to hide from enemy bullets. Shooting is also well implemented, with accurate aiming and lifelike ballistics. When making a shot, you should consider the distance to your target and the height of the landscape. That brings in a lot of realism into the gameplay giving you a full impression on being present on the battlefield. Besides, there are no paid weapons and upgrades, so noone has an advantage over the rest of the players. It all depends on the tactics you choose, your reflexes and skills. Keep your hand firm while aiming, come up with the best strategy and ensure victory for you and your team!

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