The key to success of any online shooter is the balance of weapons of the two opposing sides, classic, well thought-out maps, dynamic confrontation and a variety of weapons you can use to fit your playing style. And to succeed in a game like that you need to constantly polish your skills in handing any type of firearms, improve shooting accuracy, learn tricks and peculiarities of the gameplay and, most importantly, think strategically, ahead of your opponent by one or even two moves. This is exactly what Standoff 2 has to offer. In just half an hour, you get fully involved in the role of a soldier.

The game is very atmospheric, you can feel like it’s all happening to you for real. Amazing graphics, regardless of the device you play on, will stun you will well-drawn textures and models. The sounds are also very impressive, down to the last detail. All that creates a matchless coloring on the background of which the fight between the confronting forces turns out to be highly gripping. The physics precisely repeats the ballistics of real bullets: you should aim a bit higher when shooting from a distance and consider other sorts of peculiarities to make an accurate shot. The choice of firearms is classy, including all sorts of everyone’s favorites – pistols, shotguns, machine guns and many more. You can select any weapon that fits your personal playing style. But note that there are no upgrades in the game except for skins that don’t influence the shooting characteristics. And this is great because you don’t have to worry about people playing on donate anymore. You have just the same chances to succeed as other players, it all depends on how well you fight rather than the power of weapon you carry with hacks.

Modes are also versatile offering both single player death match and cooperative where you have to crush a team of opponents or get divided into terrorists and antiterrorists for either installing or defusing a bomb. The friend notification system will let you know when your buddies are playing so that you can jump in and help them or set up a competition. Try Standoff 2 online and learn more about this fascinating shooter with plenty of marvelous features to enjoy!

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