There are plenty of online shooters nowadays, but only few of them are as dynamics and fascinating as Standoff 2! The gameplay will surprise you with plenty of action and features. Moreover, it’s fully configurable, you can easily set everything to your own taste. The graphics look decent even on minimal settings. There are three game modes, including team play where one group of players is fighting against another, bomb installation tasking you either to put a bomb as a terrorist or defuse it as a soldier of special troops, and finally arms race where each player fights for themselves. The matches run very quickly, no more than 15 minutes. That means you need to think and act fast! There are no options to upgrade your weapons, neither for money nor for experience points. So none of the players has any influential advantage over others. The only thing you can customize is the look of your arms, but that still doesn’t affect your abilities in any way. The game features plenty of skins and cases you can open to please your eyes. Overall, Standoff 2 is an amazing shooter for your mobile phone. Play it online either in single mode or with your friends and discover all the perks and features mentioned above and even more of them for yourself!

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