Standoff 2 Shooter

Those looking for a gripping way to kill time and luckily a few enemies will definitely appreciate Standoff 2! This online shooter with high-tension gameplay will surely grab your attention for the whole evening! You have a total of three modes to enjoy and a lot of weapons to fire at your foes. You can collaborate with your companions and work together to score a joint triumph, establish and blow up a bomb as part of the terrorist team or choose the side of special force troops in an attempt to prevent them from achieving this goal. You can also try your luck in a race of weapons where you need to arm yourself faster than your rivals and make a move on the enemies before they can strike back. Despite the fact that the gameplay is rather simple, there are all necessary features to realize your tactical potential. Run as fast as possible, don’t stick out in the open and consider the ballistics while shooting for your bullet to reach the target. The vast selection of firearms will let you come up with the most suitable strategy to prevail on the map. There are all kinds of weapons both for those who prefer to rush right into the middle of the fight and those keeping at a distance and shooting enemies from there. So take a gun in your hands, call your friends and dive into the combat in Standoff 2 online!

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