If you used to play Counter Strike back when it was still highly popular, you know what to expect from Standoff 2. This exciting online shooter will impress you with colorful graphics and dynamic gameplay. Everything is drawn and animated very carefully, with focus on models and textures of players and weapons. It all starts quite familiar for PvP – we go in, divide into teams (terrorists and counter-terrorists) and run around the map, trying not to die. There are three modes to try (including a mission with a bomb), with several maps in each.

The atmosphere as a whole is rather active: there are more players than in other online games of the kind, they run faster, and it’s impossible to hide for a long time. There are no grenades, so don’t worry about imbalance with “explosives”. Likewise, you won’t get too many first-aid kits for HP recovery. The only thing you can count on is your own weapon and skills.

The design of the maps is also of sufficient quality and full cinematography. You can choose a weapon in the menu during the game, level up and buy cool skins. Standoff 2 is an example of high-quality PvP, with no frills, but with everything you need. Of course, there are flaws in the game and much could be diversified, but the load of guns, skins and sounds always has time to come with a new update, and high-quality gameplay is rare now. And is it worth asking for more from the free game? Play Standoff 2 online and check out for yourself!

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