Imagine yourself on the battlefield. Bullet are whizzing past your ears, earth is exploding from grenades, people run and fall right and left… Your hands barely hold on to the shotgun, but you know that you can’t fail while aiming because every second of this death match can become your last one… Sounds thrilling? Then it’s time for you to try Standoff 2! This amazing online shooter will keep you busy for hours as you run match after match striving to crash your enemies and score the cherished victory!

What are the advantages of Standoff? First of all, there are no favorites in the combat. All weapons come by default, without the ability to improve them. You also can’t buy or upgrade anything for money. That means chances are equal for every player on the map and you can count only on your own skills and reflexes. At the same time, the choice of firearms is pretty diverse allowing everyone to choose the weapon that suits their style of playing. Pistols, guns, grenades – the options are multiple.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the game modes available. There is no royal battle, but you can try to beat your opponents to the punch in the arms race grabbing the weapon faster than everyone else and thus gaining an edge over your enemies. Two other modes split the players into teams. You can play with random people or your friends. There is a system that will inform you when your friends are in the game and you will be able to join them. And if you are a fan of Counter Strike, you can take part in the bomb installation match playing either for terrorists or government. Standoff 2 is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a good shooter, but don’t want to donate and get knocked down by people who invented in more powerful weapons. Play it online and have fun!

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